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Men's Jackets FIRE + ICE



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High-quality FIRE+ICE outerwear

Whether it’s lightweight summer versions or high-tech performance models – jackets and waistcoats have to be among the most faithful members of any wardrobe. And they come in so many shapes and colours that it is not only their intrinsic qualities that delight you, but also their outward appearance. Are you looking for a new key piece for any weather? The exclusive FIRE+ICE men’s collection ranges from classic quilted waistcoats to ultra lightweight down jackets that makes authentic fashion statements.

Down jackets and quilted coats from FIRE+ICE

Jacket, parka or coat? FIRE+ICE has them all! The absolute must-haves are the ultra lightweight down jackets for style-conscious men to show off their athletic looks not only outdoors but also in town. High-quality soft shell, hybrid and special functional jackets ensure optimum performance. Quilted pull-over jackets are just right for the in-between seasons and are easy to stow away using the bag supplied. And when it gets really cold, a down ski jacket or down parka will serve you well. ...

Exclusive men’s waistcoats as a sleeveless alternative

It’s getting colder but it’s still too warm for a jacket? Then quilted or hybrid waistcoats from FIRE+ICE make a stylish solution. Providing a wide range of colours is important to us, too, when it comes to this sleeveless alternative. Many styles also come with an optional hood. Very popular among men are ultra lightweight quilted waistcoats with a mesh insert at the back. Water-repellent, perfectly insulated hybrid waistcoats are in demand for athletic activities. Voluminous down puffer waistcoats with wide quilting and contrasting buttons look both masculine and luxurious at the same time. Which one do you want?

The complete men’s look with FIRE+ICE

Modern outerwear demands something underneath that is equally modern – and that’s also to be found in the FIRE+ICE men’s collection. Casual sweatwear and knitwear, minimalist t-shirts, classic trousers, cool caps and shoes … It’s the place to enjoy looking for new key pieces for the outdoor season.