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BOGNER and FIRE+ICE from knit to down

A sweater's too thin, but a jacket's too thick? Oh, thank goodness for the waistcoat! What used to be the favourite of aristocratic gentlemen is now more versatile than ever. Leather, linen, wool, knitwear: waistcoats in all their forms have made their mark on the male fashion world. This can also be seen in the classic basics from BOGNER or the sporty must-haves from FIRE+ICE.

The different styles of the men's waistcoat

In the past, a man was only considered to be properly dressed if he was wearing a waistcoat – at least until the early 20th century. Up until then, this item was an intrinsic part of every man’s suit and thus an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Over the years, however, the waistcoat fell out of fashion and was considered to be only something for the older generation. A cliché that is now totally outdated. But fortunately, BOGNER and FIRE+ICE have rediscovered it. As a jacket substitute without sleeves but also as a functional second layer, "Grandpa's favourite" has been celebrating a fashionable comeback for several years now. ...

Versatile looks for a high-quality man's waistcoat

The classic gilet is still very much part of the three-piece suit, although the style range today is much wider than it was in the fashionable past. An elegant silk waistcoat with a shirt and tie, but without a jacket, or in a smart style variation with chinos and sneakers? Whatever the ambitious wearer wants goes. In summer, casual jeans or fabric variants are also popular. In general, the sleeveless jacket option gives every leisure outfit a casual twist. An all-time favourite, for example, is the combination of a quilted bodywarmer, hoodie and jeans. The speciality of the FIRE+ICE waistcoats is and remains outdoor sport. Whether winter golf or hiking: Functional men's down waistcoats complement knitted sweaters or fleece jackets perfectly.

BOGNER and FIRE+ICE: Specialists in down and quilted waistcoats

What all men's waistcoats from BOGNER and FIRE+ICE have in common: multifunctional materials of the highest quality as well as masculine lines and designs. Of course, the essential windbreaker, the zip and the collar are an absolute must. Besides, each model speaks its own language. Countless colours, practical zip pockets, discreet buttons or removable hoods – find the down waistcoat that speaks your language!