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Women Jackets FIRE + ICE



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High-quality head-turners from FIRE+ICE

Timelessly classic or cool and contemporary women who want to make a fashion statement, do it mainly with jackets and waistcoats! Because it’s the cover-up clothing that automatically attracts attention. To go for looks or function, that is the question? The right jacket or waistcoat can do both! Find your key piece for the upcoming season amongst the styles of the FIRE+ICE collection!

Gorgeous on the outside but functional at heart

It’s the first impression that counts – and jackets and waistcoats send out important signals. After all, it’s usually the first part of an outfit that gets noticed. That’s why it’s often worth it to wear an absolute stunner. Of course, functionality mustn’t go short. After all, on cold days, a jacket has to keep you warm and well protected from the vagaries of the weather. Ideally, outerwear does both – like the jackets and waistcoats from FIRE+ICE. ...

Lightweight women’s jackets and waistcoats with down

Are you looking for something with down? At FIRE+ICE, you won’t just find one but an entire range of quilted jackets and waistcoats with high-quality down padding. Ultra lightweight, stylish and warm all at the same time, these true essentials will give any wardrobe a boost. Highly technological material, stretchy side sections, practical zip pockets, with or without sleeves – modern details ensure an individual upgrade.

To the heights of fashion with FIRE+ICE

It really doesn’t matter whether you go for a long or a short version for sports and your time off – because jackets and waistcoats are so universally talented! Waistcoats look casual with tracksuit bottoms and sneakers. An ultra lightweight down jacket with a tank top and tights is sporty. And those who prefer the classic combine the garment of their choice with a skirt and polo shirt. Style clashes are, of course, allowed – and the jackets and waistcoats for women from FIRE+ICE are simply perfect for creating them!